Turn you bitch
I think it’s time to step out into the light.

ZFGN is weathered the storm from 17 to 5.50
Only good times ahead until someone else dies………………… too soon ?



Smile 2

Like a champ CLVS, Up before the ten count.
I called it check the post 11-21-15 Down And Out Clovis Oncology Knocked Out By FDA Inquiry.
I bought way too early at 27 dropped to 24 then lift off like a phoenix to 32, up 3 today.

I’m holding 300 shares and smiling

Watch MT FWM

That was fast, one week is all it took. I think it’s time to buy some FRPT, looks like the drubbing is over. Add 200 shares  Monday, they are making money.


We have insider action Link
MIDOCEAN ASSOCIATES SPC bought a few shares this week

Table I – Non-Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned
1. Security 2. Date   4. Securities Acquired (A) 5. Total Shares
Code V Amount Price
Stock 11/18/15 P 210,750 $6.2628 7,151,750
Stock 11/18/15 P 98,070 $6.3316 7,249,820
Stock 11/18/15 P 35,000 $6.8497 7,284,820
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